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 Description:   Songkran, informally called "the Thailand water festival," is an annual event marking the start of the traditional Thai new year. Songkran is the largest celebration in Thailand and is notorious as the wildest water fight in the world.
Laptop, smartphone, passport...don't think that you're somehow exempt from good-natured splashing no matter what you're carrying or wearing! Plan to get wet and stay that way for at least three days if you're anywhere near the celebration.
Fortunately, getting wet during Songkran coincides with scorching temperatures in April the hottest month of the year.
Officially known as Songkran, the Thai water festival is about cleaning, purification, and having a fresh start. Houses are cleaned; Buddha statues are carried through the streets in a procession to be washed with flower-scented water. Elders are honored by respectfully pouring water over their hands.
In places such as Chiang Mai, you'll get to enjoy seeing a long parade of Buddha statues carried through the gate. Ordinarily, viewing each image would require visiting dozens of spread-out temples.
Although the true Songkran tradition is to sprinkle water on people, travelers and locals alike don water cannons and buckets to take the "blessings" to another level! Dousing or sprinkling people with water signifies the washing away of bad thoughts and actions. It brings them good luck in the new year. Sometimes firehoses are used to really spread the good blessings!
As formal processions and formalities end, a throng forms in the street to dance, party, and throw water in good-natured fun. Think: Mardis Gras with a water fight. To up the ante, many Thais add ice to their water. They form gangs and teams that wear masks or bananas while wielding large water cannons.
While Holi in India can probably claim the title for messiest festival, Songkran in Thailand is certainly the wettest of festivals in Asia.
Songkran was once based on the lunar calendar, however, now the dates are fixed. The Thailand water festival officially runs for three days starting on April 13 and finishing on April 15. Opening ceremonies begin on the morning of April 13.
Although the festival is officially only three days long, many people take off from work and stretch the festival into as long as six days particularly in tourist places such as Chiang Mai and Phuket. 
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