Royal Barge Procession 11-1996  
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 Description:     The Royal Barge Procession in Bangkok, conducted on very rare occasions, is a spectacular royal armada on the Chao Phraya River.

This procession is normally conducted on the following occasions:
When the King ascends the throne.
When the King goes down the Chao Phraya to present robes to the monks during the Royal Krathin Ceremony after the Buddhist Lent in October.
When the King goes to Saraburi to pay homage to the Buddha's footprint.
When Bangkok receives important Buddha images from other cities.
When receiving foreign diplomatic dignitaries to Bangkok.

Some of the memorable processions during the reign of King Rama IX, the present King, were:
On 14 May 1957 to commemorate the 25th century of the Buddhist era.
On 06 Apr 1982 to commemorate 200 years of the Bangkok era on the Bangkok Bicentennial.
In 1996 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the reign of His Majesty the King.
On 05 Dec 1999 to celebrate the 72nd birthday of King Rama IX.
The Royal Barge Procession on 20 Oct 2003 at the closing ceremony of the APEC Conference in Bangkok, in honor of the visiting heads of state.
On 12 June 2006 an even grander procession took place to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of the reign of His Majesty King. Twenty-five monarchs from around the world attended this auspicious occasion.

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 District   Bangkok Noi    
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 Best exposure Afternoon  
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 Entry fee   Free     Coordinates:    13.755 N   100.487 E  
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